Hi, I'm Oliver!
Consider me as your new
Digital Marketing Manager. Marketing Strategist. Teamleader. Operations Manager.

Why, though?

Cross-Channel Campaign Management

I have experience in initiating and executing on cross-channel marketing campaigns that will reach your KPIs with a solid ROI, while ensuring a low spam-rate for your target audience.

I'll maintain brand awareness by following up on these campaigns by managing the online community and increasing your sale through engaging social media marketing.

Initiating New Platforms

I manage most aspects of online lead generation by optimizing your current online channels, initiating thorough A/B testing and by utilizing new digital platforms and technologies as they emerge.

Meeting your target audience where they spend their time online is essential for understanding any digital business.

Teamleader & Operations Manager

I’ve acted as teamleader and operations manager on several occasions and have experience in leading and managing in-house teams as well as external teams of technical specialists and volunteers.

I've also worked successfully with process optimization in relation to these areas.

Still not convinced?

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